Ottawa Cape Breton Session

©Photos by Lois Siegel
Left to right: Greg Clarke, Delores Woodley, Hugh A. MacMillan, Allan Francoeur

Ottawa Cape Breton Session

The Royal Oak,  319 Bank, just south of MacLaren, Sunday, 2-5 p.m:
First and Third Sunday of every month.
House sessions will continue on the Second and Fourth Sundays.

elaxed, informal gatherings - traditional folk music.

Contact: Beth MacGillivray
or Aylene Gracie  613-820-1535.

Andrew MacLean, Beth MacGillivray

Ellen Katic

Duncan McDonald

Step Dancer Beth MacGillivray

Ernie Fraser,  Duncan McDonald

Hugh A. MacMillan

Beth MacGillivray (Bodhran)

Alton Craig, Andrew MacLean

Allan Gillis, Bob Allinotte

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